To promote the attraction of direct foreign investment and the export of goods and services, as well as the internationalization of Mexican companies in order to contribute to Mexico's economic and social development and strengthen the country's image as a strategic business partner.


ProMéxico is recognized as an entity that is significant to the promotion of international businesses in Mexico and which fosters effective project development and conclusion.


ProMéxico presents itself as an entity with an adaptable culture due to the constant review and update of its standards of conduct. Its shared values are:

Our Values


At ProMéxico we promote the equality of inividuals without discrimination for gender, genre or cultural or social reasons of any kind, favoring equal rights for all. Laws and regulations are applied without expecting preferential treatment and promoting impartiality of actions, treating everyone equally.

Social Commitment

The entity aims at promoting the country's benefit and improving social conditions, following the principle of the common good and contributing to sustainable development.

Honesty and Transparency

ProMéxico adheres to the principles of honesty and transparency established by applicable laws. It strives to establish trust both inside and outside the entity, providing the public with information on its operation, contributing to a more and better informed society. In addition, it is subject to scrutiny by relevant fiscal bodies and governed individuals, being accountable for the exercise of its functions and thus contributing to the accountability of the federal public administration.

Personal and Professional Balance

At ProMéxico, the integral balance of the individual directly affects the decision-making process and the achievement of goals. Various alternatives are offered for individuals who work in the entity to develop to their full potential, making rational and efficient use of resources, respecting its employees' private lives and social and family needs.

Team Work

There is a bond between its collaborators, talent is shared and there is an interest for the projects of others. They are empowered to fulfill ProMéxico's goals and objectives, always striving for the satisfaction of its customers.


Assist in conducting, coordinating and implementing actions in promoting foreign trade and attracting foreign direct investment perform the agencies of the federal government.

Promote and support exports and internationalization of Mexican companies through measures to reorder, strengthen, improve and innovate the mechanisms of promotion of competitive export supply, mainly of small and medium enterprises.

Disseminate and provide advice especially to small and medium-sized enterprises about the benefits contained in international treaties and negotiations on trade issues, promoting the placement of its products and services in the international market, directly or indirectly.

Provide advice and technical assistance for exports to Mexican companies.

Organize and support the participation of companies and producers missions, trade fairs and exhibitions that are made abroad, to disseminate domestic and promote the establishment of centers of distribution of those products in other nations.

Promote activities aimed at attracting foreign direct investment to carry out the agencies of the federal public service, and support to states in the location of foreign direct investment in the country.