Strategic Trade Missions: Buyers

ProMéxico supports trade missions of foreing buyers to Mexico, with the aim of promoting Mexican products and services.

The maximum support amount per region is:

  • *Region 1: up to $20,000.00 (twenty thousand pesos 00/100) not subject to VAT.
  • *Region 2: up to $30,000.00 (thirty thousand pesos 00/100) not subject to VAT.
  • *Region 3: up to $35,000.00 (thirty-five thousand pesos 00/100) not subject to VAT.
  • *Region 4: up to $50,000.00 (fifty thousand pesos 00/100) not subject to VAT.

*Please, check the ProMéxico’s Country Catalogue .

Foreign buyers.

Only three grants will be awarded for every 12 month period per beneficiary.

  • Subject to budget availability.
  • Refunds will be made in American dollars in an amount equivalent to the authorized grant in Mexican pesos, based on the exchange rate valid on the day that ProMéxico makes the transfer.
  • It only applies for activities that have not yet begun.
  • The applicants and/or beneficiaries must comply with the provisions established in ProMéxico’s Guidelines for the Operation of Grants and Services .
  • All documents and forms must have the buyer’s original signature. Digital (scanned) signatures are not accepted.
  • The grant can be requested at most 90 business days and at a minimum 3 business days before the activity to be supported begins.
  • The beneficiary has 90 business days (consult the grant verification and reimbursement schedule  available at ProMéxico’s website) from the business day after the end date of the supported activity to complete the ProMéxico verification process by presenting all of the requested documentation: forms, receipts, and invoices issued in ProMéxico’s name, uploaded through the information system and/or deliveed directly to the administration.
  • All documents and forms must have an original signature. Digital (scanned) signatures are not accepted.
  • Once the receipts are uploaded to the ProMéxico information system, the applicant must respond to the evaluation and satisfaction questionnaire (Español  | English ) regarding the quality of service.
  • The applicant and/or beneficiary who presents false and/or altered documentation at any of the stages of the grant process, will be banned from submitting new requirements for a period of one to five years, as determined by the Rules for Administration and Control Regarding the Determination and Application of Prohibitions for Beneficaries who present false and/or altered documentation, (available at ProMéxico’s portal) considering the gravity of the offense and the circumstances of its commission.
  • In the case of non-compliance with any of the requirements established in this technical information sheet or in the applicable regulations, ProMéxico will be cancel the grant, in accordance with article 33 of the Guidelines for the Operation of Grants and Services .
Documents to apply for the grant:
  • Communication from the head of the OREX approving the grant.
  • Grant request form (Español  | English ).
  • Official document attesting that the applicant has a legal existence in its country of origin.
Documents to authorize the grant:

Grant authorization form (Español  | English ) signed by the authorized entities established in article 20** of ProMéxico’s Guidelines for the Operation Grants and Services ; which must be dated and uploaded to the information system at least one business day before beginning the activity.

Documents to request refund¹:
  • Refund request form (Español  | English ).
  • Electronic invoice issued by the applicant in ProMéxico’s name.
  • XML file for the invoice.
  • Letter issued and signed by the Coordinator of the State Office of the Unit for the Promotion of Global Business (Español ) that gave attention to the buyer, confirming that it complied with the agenda of the trade mission or business roundtable.
  • The Executive Direction of Events and Services for Businesspersons can require other documents to attest the execution of the business trip.

**Sector Coordination or Regional Coordination of the OMEX or OREX as applicable.

¹ The receipts must have been previously validated by the corresponding executive.

Applicable as of August 19, 2016. Version 1.

Each case is unique so we suggest you to approach the ProMexico promoter of your nearest office: See contact options.

To request a support or service, please write to:

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