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Profiles of the Directive team

Arturo A. Dager GómezArturo holds a Law Degree from the UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico), a Master's in Law from the University of Houston, a Diploma in Diplomatic Studies from the Matías Romero Institute, and has completed multiple specialized courses both in Mexico and abroad.

From May 2014 he has held the role as ProMéxico’s General Coordinator of Legal Affairs.

Arturo Dager has made his career mainly in the Mexican Foreign Ministry, which he joined in 1985 and in which he has held, among other positions: Director of International Litigation, General Director of Legal Affairs, Legal Consultant (on two occasions), and Department Head of Legal Coordination and Documentary Information. Whilst abroad he was attached to the General Mexican Consulate in Houston and to the Mexican Embassy in Washington. In 2004 Arturo obtained the rank of Ambassador in the Mexican Foreign Service, which he entered in 1990.

From 2007 to 2011 he worked in his own office dedicated to the attention of international affairs.

Arturo has been a teacher at the Anáhuac University and University of the Americas, as well as in the TEC of Monterrey where he was also an associate researcher. He has been invited as a lecturer to several governmental and private academic institutions in Mexico City, other parts of the Republic and abroad.

He is an honorary member of the Mexican Academy of Private and Comparative International Law, a member of the US-Mexico Bar Association, and the International Law Association.

César Jesús Fragozo LópezCésar Fragozo is Head of ProMéxico’s Sector Development Unit. ProMéxico is an agency of the Secretary of Economy responsible for the promotion of Mexican exports, attracting foreign direct investment in Mexico and for the internationalization of Mexican companies around the world.

Prior to his position as Head of Unit, César served as Minister for Asia and the Middle East, directing ProMéxico’s representative offices in the People's Republic of China, India, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, among others. Representing Mexico, César has also served as a Commercial Counselor in Taiwan, Hong, Kong and Germany, strengthening the country’s economic and business ties with the outside world. César holds a degree in Business Administration from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and graduated from the ICMA Center for Education and Research in Market Security at the University of Reading in England and the Goethe Institute in Berlin.

Diana Itziar Gómez JiménezShe has been leading ProMéxico’s institutional communication efforts since May 2016. She was appointed as Director of Message Development in July 2011. ProMéxico granted her two major recognitions for her development on that position. Among other achievements as Director of Message Development she designed and developed a presentation highlighting the most important aspects of trade and investment in Mexico —this presentation is still used by ProMéxico’s representatives abroad.

From January 2009 to July 2011, she served as editor in chief at ProMéxico’s General Coordination of Communications and Image. On that position, she leaded the publication of more than twelve books and booklets highlighting the country’s competitive advantages.

Before working for ProMéxico, she was founding partner of Plasmar, an editorial house founded in 2003 and focused in periodicals. As a member of Plasmar, she developed and launched a magazine specialized in classic and collectable cars —it was the first of its class in Mexico and it is still published.

Itziar Gomez holds a bachelor’s degree in Latin American literature by the Universidad Iberoamericana, a master’s degree in book editing by the University of Salamanca, Spain, and a diploma in book editing by the National Autonomous University of México.

She has lectured in different national forums about book editing, speech scripting and data visualization.

Eleonora García FerrellShe holds a bachelor’s degree in administration by the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM) and a diploma in organizational development by the same institution. She is certified on hotel management by the Hotel Business Gastronomic Center.

She joined ProMéxico in June 2015 to coordinate the works for Mexico’s Pavillion at the Milan Universal Expo 2015, which received more than 1.6 million visitors. Mexico’s Pavillion was granted two awards by Exhibitiors Magazine. In recent years, she was responsible of the operation and logistics of the Mexican delegation to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Before joining ProMéxico, she was Director for Business Tourism at the Mexico Tourism Board, where she was in charge of promoting Mexico’s MICE tourism offer. During the period she served at this position, Mexico increased its presence in the main international forums related to MICE tourism. Her experience in the Mexico Tourism Board and her extensive knowledge of the MICE industry have become two of her main assets.

At the beginning of her career she worked for the Investment Commission of the state of Morelos, where she helped to attract investment projects valued at more than 650 million, in sectors such as the textile industry and TICs. Those projects are still operating in the state of Morelos.

She was a consultant to the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, and a teacher at ITAM, Universidad Intercontinental and Centro de Estudios Superiores de San Ángel.

She enjoys spending her spare time assisting joggers who are visually impaired.

Jesús Mario Chacón CarrilloHe leads ProMéxico efforts regarding the attraction of foreign direct investment and coordinates the activities of the national and overseas offices from this institution.

He has a professional career spanning more than 35 years in the public and private sector, always committed to Mexico´s growth. Within the public sector, he participated in the process of design, lobbying, and negotiation of the Economic Partnership, Political Coordination and Cooperation Agreement between Mexico and the European Union, as well as Mexico's entry as Permanent Observer to the European Council. He also participated in the incorporation of Mexico to the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation mechanism (APEC).

Amb. Chacon has extensive experience in the promotion of Mexico abroad. He served as Ambassador to the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and to the Republic of Colombia. He was Chief of Mission in Washington and Brussels, as well as in the representation to the European Union, Kingdom of Belgium, and Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. He was Consul General in Toronto, Director General of Economic Relations with Europe and Multilateral Economic Organizations, and Economic Counsellor in Germany and Japan.

In the academic scope, he obtained a Master Degree of Science in Economics and Food Science, by the University of California, Davis. He has given a wide range of lectures and presentations on economic and political topics of Mexico at universities in Germany, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Japan, and Venezuela. He was also distinguished as a visiting professor at the University of Rosario, Colombia.

Amb. Chacon was appointed Head of Global Business Promotion Unit on May 2016.

Marco Erick Espinosa VincensMarco Espinosa served until April 2016 as Executive Director of Prospective Analysis and Innovation at ProMéxico's Business Intelligence Unit, an area responsible for the generation of geo-sectoral strategies for the development of highly competitive industries and niches in Mexico. He is also responsible for the conceptualization and implementation of high impact projects that, through trade and investment, produce economic, scientific and technological development in the country.

In his capacity promoting Foreign Trade and the attraction of Foreign Direct Investment, Marco has more than 35 years of experience, including 13 years representing Mexico abroad, during which his roles included being the Republic’s commercial advisor in France and in Canada. He has served in world-class institutions such as the Mexican Institute of Foreign Trade (6 years), the National Bank of Foreign Trade (23 years) and ProMéxico (6 years).

Marco’s main assignments have included: the Regional Coordination for North America, with particular attention to the portfolio of export and Foreign Direct Investment projects; the Foreign Trade Technical Directorate of the Mexico-European Business Center, which manages the Integral Support Program for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (PIAPYME); the Export Assistance Office, where he was responsible for monitoring and regularizing the agreements regarding investment packages and state export promotion programs; and the Sectoral Management for Asia and North America, where he was Area Head for the Promotion of Foreign Investment, in charge of automotive, software, metalworking and electrical-electronic industries.

Born in Mexico, he has a vast academic background in foreign trade and marketing, holds a degree in Marketing and has studied at the Académie Commerciale Internationale in Paris, France, at the Korean Development Institute in Seoul, South Korea, at the Center for International Trade Studies-IMCE-CECI and has also participated in Boston International Marketing Institute’s International Marketing Program.

He formed part of the team responsible for creating the Competency Standard EC0258 - "the promotion of exports, internationalization of Mexican companies and of foreign direct investment in Mexico," registered with CONOCER.

Ricardo Ampudia y MalacaraRicardo Ampudia studied Social Communication Studies with a specialty in Publishing and Journalism and has a Master’s Degree in Communication from the Pacific Western University. He has broad experience in public service and in the private sector with noteworthy participation at the General Directorate of the “Hoy” (Today) Magazine, and as a founder of the University’s Communication Center.

In the government, Ricardo Ampudia was Director of Foreign Press and Public Relations of the Presidency, Adjunct General Director of “FONATUR” (Mexico’s tourism investment office), Mexico’s Consul General in Houston, Designated Ambassador in Denmark, Director General of Protocol at the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs, Subsecretary of Promotion at the Secretariat of Tourism, Director General of Social Communications at the Secretariat of Interior, and Commissioner General at the Milan Global Expo.

Zandra Prieto LópezZandra Prieto has a degree in International Relations from the Ibero-American University with a specialization in International Economy. She holds a Diploma in Ecology, Environment and Sustainable Development from the same university, and has taken several specialized courses in matters related to international business.

Prieto has over 24 years’ experience in the public sector in matters concerning foreign trade and the attraction of foreign direct investment. Also, she worked during 16 years at the National Exterior Commerce Bank in the finance department in financial programs in support of Mexican businesses, and in the promotional department in which amongst other functions, she worked as Adjunct Commercial Counsellor in Montreal, Canada and in Paris, France.

She participated in the implementation and structuring of financial support to exporting businesses, and coordinated the liaison group with chambers and business associations at the National Council of Micro, Small and Medium-sized Businesses of the Secretariat of Economy. Also, she participated in the Alliance for the Modernization of SME’s of the Secretariat of Economy.

Prieto, collaborates with ProMéxico since eight years ago, in which time she has occupied the Directorate and the Coordination of Support and Institutional Relations and formed part of the group that created the Labor Competency Standard ECO258: “Promoting exportations, internationalization of Mexican businesses and foreign direct investment in México” with national reach and approved by “CONOCER” (National Council for Standardization and Certification of Labor Competencies) and published at the “DOF” (Official Journal of the Federation) on October 15th 2012.

Currently, she functions as General Coordinator of Advisers in ProMéxico.