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  • Where I can find Paperwork to perform an import?

    The import procedures may be verified at the Ministry of Economy, please contact the following numbers: 01800 410 2000, 5729 9100.

  • What are the main products imported by Mexico?

    In 2009 highlighted the imports of machinery, appliances and parts of chapters 85 and 84, which account 39.2% of total imports, automobiles (7.89%), mineral fuels (6.73%), plastics (5 , 42%), precision instruments and apparatus (3.65%), organic chemicals (2.81%), manufacturing cast iron (2.25%), and iron and steel (2.21%).

  • I want to know the requirements to import?

    The institution that provide such information is the Ministry of Economy, for more information, call 01 800 410 2000 available for the whole country, on its website Ministry of Economy or go to their offices located at Alfonso Reyes No. 30 Col. Hippodrome Condesa CP 06140, Cuauhtemoc, Mexico, D.F. Tel: 5729 9100 mail:

    TAlso through the portal of Customs may consult requirements for importing into Mexico.

  • Where do I find statistical information about import?

    At the portal of the Ministry of Economy you will find the Tariff Information System Online (SIAVI) where you can view classified information to eight digits (chapter, heading, subheading, and fraction) of the tariffs that apply to Mexico, and the volume and value of exports and imports, tariff rules and history.

    Within the portal of the Ministry of Economy is a section on Statistics of International Trade. In this section you will find pictures, reports and consultation systems about the trade of Mexico, developed from the official information provided by INEGI and BANXICO.

    Or consult our website where you can find statistics on import: Foreign trade statistics


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