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  • How can I get to ProMéxico?
    • Metro: At the University station take a minibus with North direction of the Periférico, down the pedestrian bridge in front of the Hospital of PEMEX, walk two blocks on the Periférico side to reach ProMéxico.
    • Metrobus: At the Perisur station, take a minibus heading for North direction of the Periférico, land on the pedestrian bridge in front of the Hospital of PEMEX, walk two blocks on the Periférico side to reach ProMéxico.
    • By car:
      • South-North.- On Periférico get out against TV Azteca, follow the lateral passing Plaza Santa Teresa and Simón Bolívar College later you will find the building ProMéxico.
      • North-South .- Over Periférico get out in front of the Hospital Angeles del Pedregal, follow the side and take the road to Picacho it will leave you in front of the building ProMéxico.

    Note: For visitor parking, you must continue on road Santa Teresa until No. 1580.

  • Does ProMéxico provide financial support?

    The grants of provide support ProMéxico are focused on the promotion, counseling and training. If you require financial support please contact Bancomext or Ministry of Economy.

  • Where can I consult the publications offered ProMéxico?

    ProMéxico has an extensive publishing house collection specializing in international markets. Through this collection, exporters, consultants and general public have information tools available to support their business projects.

    These publications are the result of research and development activities carried out in ProMéxico and are organized into three categories: Technical Papers, export Guides and Interactive Guides

    You can access this information through the Information for export..

  • What are the services offered by ProMéxico?

    Below are listed the categories of services offered ProMéxico:

    Mexican Company

    Mexican company with export potential, export-ready or export.

    1. With export potential: I focused on the domestic market, I do not know how to export but I have the intention and have products that can be exported directly or indirectly
    2. Ready to export: I've been through a process of export training and am ready to do so, or I'm exporting indirectly.
    3. Export: I exported at least one occasion.
    Foreing Visitor
    1. Majority foreign-owned company with investment interests in Mexico.
    2. Company located overseas interested in purchasing products and / or services in Mexico.

  • When was created ProMéxico?

    ProMéxico was established on June 13, 2007 by Presidential Decree, under the guise of public trust subdivision to the Ministry of Economy, and has a network of 25 offices in Mexico and 32 offices in 22 countries.

  • What is ProMéxico?

    ProMéxico is the Mexican Federal Government agency responsible for strengthening the participation of Mexico in the international economy. This supports the export activities of enterprises established in the country and coordinates actions to attract Foreign Direct Investment to the country.


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